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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Beginning

Well here I am almost exactly two years since I finished my first draft of Witchblood - my first attempt at writing a full length novel. I say full length but in the world of publishing if you are an unknown, unpublished writer you have to keep keep your word count well under 100k. In fact it was suggested I get it under 80k words so at about 72k words it is certainly no Twilight!

Two years ago I was full of excitement...I mean I had written a book, a whole book and I had a handful of people no less who had read it and enjoyed it. It was ready to go, or so I thought so I bought the Writers & Artists Yearbook, got on Google and made a long list of agents. I decided to send it out to ten at a time, so I picked five agents who specialised in childrens and YA - these are great because they have moved with the times and usually allow you to email them the synopsis and 3 chapters - and five mainstream literary agents to post to.

By January I had ten replies, all rejections. Standard mass produced 'sorry we're not interested' letters from the postal enquiries and a couple of slightly more helpful rejections from the email enquiries. They were rejections, and they didn't give me any helpful tips, but three seperate agents all suggested the same thing... that I try Cornerstones Literary Consultancy. So I did.

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