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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Bookaholics 'Sequels' Reading Challenge 2012


I've just signed up for this reading challenge. Last year I did a '50 book challenge' where I could read any 50 books of my choice in a year. This challenge is a little different in that I need to read 25 books which are sequels! I'm planning on starting the challenge by downloading Penelope Fletchers 'Demon Dark', which is book 2 of the Rae Wilder Series. What are you reading next?


  1. Hi Emma, thanks for signing-up!

    To add the button to your blog just copy the text in the little box under this picture in my blog post, then go to 'design' - 'add a gadget' - 'add html' then paste the code in there and save and the button should appear in your sidebar and link to the sign-up post :)
    You can put it into your blog post by going to 'edit html' next to 'compose' and pasting the code there - Hope this helps :)

  2. Demon Dark is the 3rd in series with Demon Day in-between so does that count as 2 sequel for you? ;o)

  3. Oh I meant Demon Day...so yeah I'll read Demon Dark after that so then I will have read 2!!