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Monday, 12 December 2011

Cover Art Poll

Well today I have been working on the cover design...again! As we can't use the old design images (I have emailed the owners via their websites but so far not heard anything) I have been searching stock websites for new possibilites.

So people, let me know which idea you prefer...

The original idea (see previous post - 'cover art' - but using different street background and girl images.

OR this idea, which as I have not paid & downloaded the original image from dreamstime yet, is very sketchy and low res:

So let me know which idea you prefer :)


  1. Is any of the book set in that sort of location?

    If the bulk is in the City or surrounding, then I would prefer the variation on your first cover.

  2. The black background and white text was also more striking.

  3. I liked the other one better. :o) x

  4. Hmm yes in chapter 2 Jess is taken to a remote location in Cumbria which this would represent, but it is only for that one chapter. Thanks for the feedback it's tough work! :)