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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rollercoaster Summer

After a month or so of editing Witchblood I emailed a couple of the previous agents, and were pleased to have several show an interest and ask to see it again. Several weeks later Eve White phoned me (and I nearly fainted with shock!) She was lovely and said her reader had loved my manuscript and could I send her a hard copy to read. I was on a high!

Sadly it came to nothing, as a couple of weeks later she emailed to say that I'd done fantastically well to get that far, and she liked my writing, but she was worried about the market for teen vampire novels becoming saturated. I plummeted back down to earth with a crash!

This was repeated with another couple of agents, and then in September I emailed Eunice McMullen and the very next day received an email, saying sorry but her client list was closed. Two weeks later she phoned and asked to see the full manuscript! A week after that she phoned to say she'd like to represent me and loved Witchblood! I was back in the clouds!

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