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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Book Review: Peachville High Demons Bk 1 & 2: Sarra Cannon

Harper Madison isn't like other girls is the tag line from Beautiful Demons, book one in the Peachville series; and this is certainly true. Harper has magical talents, which even she doesn't know how to control, but while Harper may not be like other girls, she is the girl you'd want to be (forgetting her traumatic history!) She is beautiful, but down-to-earth, smart, sassy and  fearless. The plot is fast paced and keeps you guessing enough to keep turning those pages, as Harper joins Peachville's cheerleaders and sets out to discover the towns big secret!

Inner Demons is book two in the series, and is just as enjoyable. Harper is now an offical member of the cheerleading squad in Peachville and finds herself embroiled in magical training, secret rituals and sleepovers with a difference. Her eyes are opened to a new world, yet is she seeing everything she should?

I can happily recommend both books to readers, as they both compelled me to buy the next in the series and keep reading. I'm looking forwad to reading Bitter Demons, which is next on my list!

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  1. Great aren't they? Not long now for the 5th one :o)