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Monday, 9 January 2012

Hey, hey...I'm Published!

What a day! It took me six hours sat at my laptop today, eating Oreos & drinking tea, to re-format, view, re-format, view, re-format, view... you get the idea before finally uploading onto the Kindle Direct Publishing site.

I thought I was able to set a date for publication - 20th Jan, to enable me to have a week to sort things out - but apparently not! Three hours later I logged on and it was live on Amazon!

I can't quite believe it; it's been such a long process and an emotional rollercoaster...and it's only just started! Now I have to organise a blog tour, reviews, and at the same time I need to write the sequel 'Witchcraft' by the summer!

A HUGE thank you to those friends who have already uploaded Witchblood and for those who haven't the link is below. It's only 77p, so surely worth a read?

If you don't have a Kindle, don't worry as I am uploading to Smashwords asap so all those friends without a kindle can read it on their ipads, iphones, laptops whatever!

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