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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Writing & Ranking

I've been good this week and done some writing every day, following Mr King's advice as much as possible! Yesterday, I wrote another 1000 words and finished chapter three. Today, I had a 'down' day and only managed to write the first 500 words of chapter four, but the house was beginning to look like a rubbish dump, and in the afternoon I had to help out in school.

This evening my spirits have been lifted with a bit of retail therapy, I need a new phone (now I'm a published author -tee hee hee- a smartphone will allow me to keep in touch and promote when I'm out & about), that's my excuse anyway! I've always lusted after the HTC Desire and I could never afford one...well guess what? I've just found a mega deal with cashback too! Isn't it pretty? :-D

However the main reason for my high spirits is, I've just checked my Amazon page and I have sold another book in the US today and another 2 here in the UK. This has bumped my Kindle Sales Ranking from somewhere around 700,000 9 days ago to 12,074 today! It's no Amanda Hocking equivalent, but I'm quite happy!

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  1. Hope the sales are still plodding along nicely :o)

    Enjoy your new phone, has it come yet? Takes a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang on it yo'll love it! Any questions on the Desire, give me a shout.