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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Media Promotion...I'm in the News!

Wow! Today I am in the M.E.N, which stands for Manchester Evening News, and is the regional newspaper. I'm extremely happy to be published in this paper, as it has a huge spread and the feature writer has done a lovely article on why I chose to start writing. The link to the online article is:

Amazingly, I am also featured on the front cover and page 3 of our local newspaper, The Glossop Advertiser. This article, although not quite as well written is brilliant for exposure, although a tad embarrassing when I do the school run, and everyone has seen me in it LOL! The link for this one is:

So, for any newcomers, that have found there way here via the newspapers, take a look around. My debut novel Witchblood is only 77p on Amazon or Smashwords, and I'd really love any feedback you care to give me! There is also a free competition to win your name in my sequel, so check it out and answer the polls.

Fantastically, I had another TWO 5 star reviews posted on Amazon today...I can't believe it. So I'd like to thank my readers and fans for being such an amazing support over the last two months as I've been getting this off the ground!

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