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Monday, 2 January 2012

Short Stories?

Recently a friend had posted some links on facebook, to the submission guidelines, for selling short stories on several women's magazines. As you can earn about £400 for these, I thought it could be a good sideline, to earn some money to support my novel writing.

However, once I'd actually read the articles, I saw the flaw in my plan! These magazines really do want 'short' stories, ie 1500-2000 words!  Now, I couldn't imagine being able to get a whole story into 1500 words, when it's taken me 73,000 words to write witchblood...but I thought I'd have a go!

Last night I changed my mind. It's simply not going to happen! The reason is this, last night I realised I needed to put an excerpt from the sequel, 'WitchCraft', in at the end of 'Witchblood', when I publish.

Now, I had already partially written chapter 1 last year, so I was mainly editing and playing around with it, along with adding some new bits and finishing it off. In the end the 'adding of new bits' took quite a while and whilst I was happy with my final read-through, I was also quite surprised when I did a word count...6769 words!

And that's just one chapter... I would never in a million years be able to get a whole story in 1500 words! It must be a real talent; a talent which unfortuantely for my bank balance is not one I currently have! So instead I'm going to get cracking on with my sequel, 'WitchCraft'.

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