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Friday, 24 February 2012

Blog Tour: Re-runs: Day 4

On Day 4 of my blog tour the lovely Brodie at Eleusinian Mysteries:  http://eleusinianmysteriesofreading.blogspot.com/ wanted to host a guest post. I had a quick think, and decided it would be rather fun to do an interview with Jess (the main female character) in Witchblood. I was right, it was loads of fun and for those who missed it the first time round, here it is again:

Character Interview - Jess from Witchblood

Your name is Jessica James? I hear there is a story behind that?
Yeah…how did you hear that? My dad was a huge wild-west film buff. I think he wanted a boy, but instead he got me, and then he found he could still name me after his biggest hero…Jesse James!

What are you most hopeless at?
Hmm I dunno, I guess six months ago I would have said cooking – my university pizzas were either burnt or floppy. But now, well I guess Eva would say I’m most useless at being a vampire! I don’t tow the party line, I sleep more than I should and I find drinking live blood icky…and no, I’m not about to go all twilight and snack on a Mountain Lion…I mean all the fur would get in your teeth! It’s bad enough when you get a single hair in your mouth, never mind a whole gob-full of fur!

So how do you feel about being a vampire?
Well at first it was pretty freaky. I mean you hardly go and get yourself murdered and when you wake up say, ‘yey! I’m a vampire!’ It’s more like ‘what the hell?’ I thought I was in some weird dream. Of course once I got used to it, I’m glad, I suppose. Sometimes it’s pretty cool…but other times, not so much. Life has certainly got more complicated, but it’s definitely better than being dead!

Who has hurt you worst in your life? And have you forgiven them?
I don’t really feel ready to tell you that. Let’s just say I’m pretty pissed at a lot of people right now. My dad for telling my lies my whole life, and my very ex-boyfriend for the same. In fact the vampires are possibly the sanest people in my life right now, and that’s not saying much.

There are rumours that you have descended from a powerful family of witches in north eastern America and they want you to leave Manchester. Is this true?
Who the hell have you been speaking too? Sebastian will kill me if I answer this, so I’m not going to, but there’s no way I’m leaving Manchester.

You obviously have a close connection with Daniel, your vampire maker, and you are now living with him. Are you an item and is this why you are reluctant to leave Manchester?
Erm, I’m not sure…I mean no! Well, it’s complicated, I suppose. Like you said, he is my maker, so of course I’m attracted to him, but there’s other stuff going on right now. I have my own room in Daniel’s house, and Eva does too. I’m new so there’s no way they’d let me live on my own anyway.

Is it true you killed one of Sebastian’s vampire bodyguards?
Oh my god! What do you think? Me, a smallish baby vampire against a three hundred year old super vamp-hardly! I think Sebastian’s going to be pretty pissed with you, and I can hear him coming, so I’d make a quick exit if I were you.


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