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Friday, 3 February 2012

Spread Love, Not Hate...

Spread Love, Not Hate
I came across this blog hop via @patricialynne07 on Twitter and intrigued I looked up her website, which directed me back to the source, K.C.Neal's blog. After hearing the story of an author, Katie who recently published her first novel, Which should be congratulated? YES... except someone she knows in real life decided to mock her accomplishment, and began bullying her online. Spread <3, Not Hate was born from this to counteract the negativity and to speak out about bullying on Feb 3rd.

Personally I am very lucky, and even though I didn't necessarily fit in at school I was never bullied. In fact I was lucky because the year before I started senior school a new Head teacher started who had radical plans to wipe out any bullying within school. There was a blanket, zero tolerance policy, the punishment was suspension and then expulsion. So I may have only had a couple of good friends, but I was never bullied...just ignored!

Bullying as a child or teenager is wrong, hurtful and needs to clamped down on before it gets out of control, and we find ourselves reading about another teen who's hung themselves in the bathroom because of youtube videos or facebook bullying.

But, bullying as adults? It's unbelievable!

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