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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Interview with Jess

Today I've been writing article posts for the bloggers hosting my Blog Tour. I've written a post on the different locations in Witchblood, and why I chose them. I've found some great photos so you can see what I see. Here's a taster:
Here's a typical Manchester back alley...can't you just see the teenage girl gang lurking behind the bins on the left, as Jess seeks them out to deliver her vengenance?

After I finished the location post I wrote a really fun interview. I'm doing an author interview for Caitlin at thecaitfiles.blogspot on the 10th Feb to kick it all off, but this interview is different. This is an interview for Jess! You'll have to read the blog post at the tour for the answers, but here are the questions:

  • Your name is Jessica James? I hear there is a story behind that?
  • What are you most hopeless at?
  • So how do you feel about being made into a vampire?
  • Who has hurt you most in your life? And have you forgiven them?
  • There are rumours that you have descended from a powerful family of witches in north eastern America and they want you to leave Manchester. Is it true?
  • You obviously have a close connection with Daniel, your vampire maker, and you are now living with him. Are you an item & is this why you are reluctant to leave Manchester?
What do you think?

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