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Friday, 10 February 2012

Witchblood Blog Tour...

Commences today! The first stop is over at The Cait Files book blog. She is running an interview and a giveaway. So head over there if you want a free copy of my book!

Tommorow the blog tour stops at Sister Spooky's book blog. Laura is posting an article I wrote about Witchblood and  other Young Adult fiction that inspired me to write + a giveaway!

On the 12th I am hopping over the pond to the US where Kim is hosting a stop at her blog The Caffienated Diva and posting a review of Witchblood. She's been reading it this week and I'm really excited to know what she thinks of it...or should I be really scared! And another giveaway!

On the 13th I am flying over to the sun drenched Austrailian winter (if only it wasn't cyber-flying!) to visit Brodie at her book blog Eleusinian Mysteries. I wrote a really fun character interview for Brodie, so she's hosting 'an Interview with Jess' - my main girl! And another giveaway!

On the 14th I am back in the chilly UK with Nina from Death, Books & Tea book blog. Nina has also been reading my book this week and will be posting her review, along with hosting a giveaway!

On the 15th I am over at the lovely Franny's blog Mind Reader. Franny is also writing a review so you can get a really good idea of different blogger's viewpoints and also running a giveaway.

The Last Stop on the tour on the 16th is back over in the US at Steph's blog Fangs, Wands & Fairydust. Steph wanted something a little bit different and is very involved in trying to get mums (or moms) to read the same book their teenager is reading, to give neutral territory to discuss issues with your kids. Hence she suggested a parent/teen discussion guide for Witchblood. As a mum/mom myself I think her idea's great, so I've written an article on some of the teen issues that could be raised and discussed in WB. Of course there's also a freebie biveaway as well!

Hope you all like the tour. Any comments would be greatly appreciated :)

PS...If any of you have not yet seen my fabulous, sexy book trailer, click on the 'Prologue page' to find it there!

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  1. Loving the blog tour. Strongly advise having a peep. The trailer and its music are amazing!