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Friday, 16 March 2012

Cover too Creepy?

Well it's been a tough week, battling a nasty cold virus and trying, unsuccessfully to write with a head full of gunk! I'm afraid Witchcraft has fallen a little behind schedule as I've only managed to write 2.5 pages this week, but I hope to get back on to it next week.
One thing to cheer my spirits, was coming across a book blogger, based in Greenland, who had read and reviewed Witchblood, without me requesting one!
Here is a link to her lovely review:

After chatting with her, she mentioned someone who'd commented on her blog regarding my cover art, saying it had put her off reading Witchblood... I know the cover is creepy and a little gory, but I thought I'd explain a little. The reason I chose the image was the sadness that was conveyed in the image. I could feel the emotion in the girl's face and thought it replicated the emotions Jess goes through in the book. The blood represents both Jess' 'witchblood' DNA and the fact she is beaten to near death.
However I obviously don't want to be putting of prospective buyers so I thought I'd put up a poll for you guys to vote. Do I need another cover, or can I stick with the original?

Does the Witchblood cover put you off buying it?

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P.S I am SO excited about the cover for the sequel. Laura Zalenga the same photographer I used for Witchblood is allowing me to use another of her shots (this one doesn't have blood) ;) and it is SO  beautiful I can't wait for the reveal!

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