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Sunday, 25 March 2012

How do I write...

When the sun is out?

Okay Witchblood was a long, on-going project. I wrote a bit here, I wrote a bit there, I edited, sent it off, edited some more, got friends to read it, edited it, re-wrote it etc etc, but now I suddenly find myself on a time limit! I have fans, which is great, but they are expecting to read Witchcraft this summer...ideally June, and so far I have only about 30,000 words written! The problem of course is that this last month has been been a riot of illness and allergic reactions which has delayed everything.

And now my swollen eyes have returned to normal I find myself torn between writing in a gloomy, dark cold back room, or gardening in the gorgeous (and rather rare considering where I live!) sunny garden!
And the sun is set to last the week, which doesn't bode well for Witchcraft.

I hereby pledge that I shall try my best to write from 9am, after school drop-off till 12noon (when it's nice and sunny!)

On another note...Yey! I have had two more excellent reviews this month. The first, I mentioned last week from a Greenlander, Jane Harfield, who gave Witchblood 4 stars on Goodreads and another yesterday from Renee Sherman who gives it 5 stars and simply says:
"Loved this book couldn't put it down...."

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