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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Poll Results & Writing Witchcraft

Well, the poll results are in and I'm really happy to say that 80% of you voted for keeping the Witchblood cover, and said it wouldn't affect you purchasing a copy.

To the 20% who wanted me to change it, I hope you'll read my reviews on Goodreads or Amazon and decide it will be worth a shot for 99c...and if that doesn't persuade you I am betting the cover for Witchcraft will, because it's going to be gorgeous!

I'm happy to say today I've almost recovered from my cold virus and today I managed to swipe a couple of hours while the kids went to the park to get my laptop out and do some more writing. So here's the Witchcraft update... Chapter 9 completed    24,558 current word count

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  1. WOOT, Witchblood cover rocks! ;)
    Happy to hear you're feeling better and great job with chapter 9! x