/> Witchblood: The Final Chapters, Playing God and Killing Off Characters

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Final Chapters, Playing God and Killing Off Characters


Well, I'm onto the final three chapters of Witchcraft, almost the 60,000 words mark! I'm halfway through chapter eighteen and I find myself in a quandry. Whether to finish the book with a happy ending (but enough to keep the reader interested for the final (third) book or whether to leave everything hanging in the balance.

Jess has just been through a pretty traumatic event, so I guess my instinct is to want her to be okay, but then the evil creator in me is thinking it might be more effective to take another route and make the reader suffer a little more. I have this whole story in the palm of my hand, and I can mould it, and shape it to become whatever I like... apart from when the characters take over and don't do what I want them too ;-)

I have to say I absolutely love playing God! I find it really theraputic and freeing to create these characters and then mess with their fates, and work through their emotions.

What does that say about me? Maybe I'm just a wannabe dictator, or maybe it's just a great way of having control over something in life, when the reality is always throwing you new challenges.

So should I make things easier on Jess or harder?

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