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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Witchblood on paper

Today I had a fun IMM delivery...the postman brought me a book... Not 10 books, not 5 books...just one book!

Yes, it's Witchblood, in paperback! I'm afraid for those of you who have requested it in paperback it is not yet available to purchase. This was a single copy I had done via Lulu and I'm not quite happy with it. I couldn't work out how to use my special Witchblood font on the Lulu cover design template, and also the colours in general are too dark. However for me it's fine as I needed a reference copy for when I'm writing Witchcraft.

I have heard that Createspace is coming to the UK, I hope this is true because currently I can't use Createspace due to US postage costs to the UK, but I have heard they are easier to use.

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