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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Witchcraft: Sneak Peak No 2

Well here it is, as promised, my second sneak peak from Witchcraft (book 2 of the Witchblood series). Due to a ridiculously busy last few days, I haven't done anymore writing, so I still have the penultimate & final chapters to write... but I'm still hoping to publish mid-June.

This is an excerpt from Chapter Four:

I shifted my shoulders, got comfortable once more and had another go at raising the energy. I squeezed my eyes shut, blocking out the room, concentrated on breathing and imagined the tap root running down my spine, down through the floors in the house, through the foundations and breaking through into the dark clay earth. I visualised the root like a straw, sucking up all the earth’s energy, silver traces zapping from the ground, from the plants, from the trees, all drawn into my body. Zooming around my veins and making my fingers tingle.

I could feel it, it was working. I could imagine the ball of energy, like a mini sun, bouncing between my hands, faster and faster. My breathing increased and my pulse with it. The energy hummed within me, raw power crackling all over my body, like the static electricity on a party balloon. I opened my eyes.

Oh Hell! The mini fire-ball I’d visualised so well was still there, flying between my hands, faster and faster. Was that supposed to happen? What if I dropped it? I desperately tried to remember how to get rid of it, but I’d only read the chapter through once, so instead I concentrated on not dropping it, and let the fiery glow hypnotise me.

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