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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Snapshots: Cover Reveal

Oooo how good does this look? My writer friend Patricia Lynne is getting ready to publish her new book, Snapshots. I think it sounds really intriguing, what do you think?

My name is Cyclop Blaine and I am a real person.
         “You are mine.”
I am a real person: heedless of a childhood spent under the supervision of an old man I only know as Master.
         “You belong to me.”

I am a real person: regardless of my teenage years bound by violence as the adoptive son of the Victory Street Gang's leader.
         “You will obey me.”

I am a real person: despite the visions I see in others' eyes. Snapshots of their futures.
         “You will cower before me.”

I am a real person: my life will be my own. I belong to no one.
        “You. Are. MINE.”

As for the model on her cover...yummy! I could fall in love with those eyes :-) Patricia is hoping to publish around July 28th, so keep a look out.

Here are her links:

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  1. Thanks so much Emma. I think I might have to start a line for Cyc, everyone is agreeing the cover is yummy.