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Friday, 20 July 2012

Laura Zalenga Week: Nature

My last themed post for Laura is going to be 'Nature' because she uses the natural world so beautifully in so many of her images and it is also so obviously important to her. When I asked her whether she preferred taking pictures in the city or the countryside, this was her reply:

"Definitely countryside/nature, because one of the things I love the most on this planet are forests. These places are so calm and peaceful and still tell their own story. I adore the light breaking through the high green roof when you're standing on soft moss. In contrary to the loud, hectic life in the city, forests are places to recover and to listen to your own thoughts."

She's so right! Here are my favourite 'nature' photos:

I love the dreamy quality in this picture. Laura has captured her sister beautifully here, and again the colours work so perfectly together, with the pale, creamy skin and the vibrant greens and bright white and yellow of the daisys. Perfect!

When I asked Laura about her favourite images, this was one of the ones she picked saying:

"I can't even really tell why, maybe because I adore red, I adore forests and calmness and reflections and dancing and weird poses!"

This is a stunning photo and again the beautiful red coat contrasting with the forest colours and dappled light is perfect. But what I want to know if how on earth did she set a timer on her camera and manage to climb a tree?! Magical!

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