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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Modern Witchcraft: Part 3

There are many different types of witchcraft in our modern world, many of the 'western' types overlap into Paganism with some practising witches calling themselves Pagans, and some not. Wicca is one of these modern, generally Pagan, religions that worships Earth & nature. It was created by Gerald Gardner in the 40's & 50's. Gardner defined witchcraft as positive and life-affirming. Wiccans take an oath to do no harm in their magic.

Other similar forms of Pagan witchcraft may be types such as Kitchen or Cottage Witchcraft, which concentrates on practises around the home, using herbs to bring protection and healing. Hedge Witches are not a part of a coven or group. They practise alone as solitary witches, again often working with herbs (or the Green Arts) to heal. Green Witches are similar to Kitchen Witches except they often practise in the fields and forests. Traditional Witchcraft is different to Wicca in that they may not worship the gods & goddesses of Wicca and Nature. They contact an unseen spirit world during ceremonies and focus of herbs and potions, responsibility and honor.

As touched on in my previous post African Witchcraft is something different, and there are many different types of witchcraft in Africa, some more resembling Shamanism and some leaning towards Voodoo practises. Voodoo itself is the main religion of Haiti and is also popular in Louisiana. Whereas Shamanism is also popular in Asian parts such a Mongolia & Siberia and with Native indigenous people of the Americas & Australia. 

Lastly we have fictional witchcraft, that which exists within books such as the Harry Potter series and L.J.Smith's Secret Circle, or magical movies like The Craft, and of course my Witchblood series. Within my books I wanted to have the fun, fantastical element of fictional magic we know and love, but I wanted it to have roots in believable Wiccan and Traditional witchcraft practises of old.

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