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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Vampires in Corfu?

No... I just can't see it! It would take a seismic shift of immense proportions to change the beautiful, sunny island bobbing gently in the Ionian sea. Sure there was wifi in some of the cafes, and prices had quadrupled, thanks to the Euro, but not much else had changed since I'd last been there 25 years ago. I had to squeeze my eyes tightly shut and cut out the perfect idyll surrounding me in order to envisage my somewhat darker plot lines developing in WitchLove.

This friendly fellow was as close as I got to anything remotely vampire related, and as he was only about 3 inches long I don't think he was after anything other than a late afternoon drink from the pool!   ;)

However, now I'm back from the lush island of Corfu, back in the freezing cold, soaking wet north of England, I can get back to my writing! I can announce that whilst away I did scribble down several pages of plans for the first 8 chapters of WitchLove, and I intend to get the rest mapped out this week and then when the kiddies go back to school next week my nose will be firmly stuck in the laptop and writing will commence.

So thank you for bearing with me through my idle summer holiday, and to thank you all, and all my new fans for helping me break my sales records for the second month in a row, I have just ordered some Witchblood goodies, and I'll be having a big giveaway as soon as it arrives. It's international as well, so I'm not leaving anyone out this time!

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  1. Awww, the little bat is so cute. Welcome back from your vaction. BTW, I could not find you on FB to look at your pics.