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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Look Challenge

Well, I've been tagged by the lovely Tom Winship, author of the Vaempires Series I reviewed in my previous post! Basically, he had done the Look Challenge and as part of it you have to then tag another five authors. What I love is that Tom chose me alongside Stephen King... How cool is that?!

Anyway the deal is I have to locate the first usage of the word Look in my current manuscript and then post the surrounding paragraphs as an expert of the book on your blog. Like Tom, I think this sounds like a good reason for a blog post, so here goes... it could be tricky as I'm only 2 chapters into my current manuscript WitchLove, and there is also the possibility of giving away too much... wouldn't want now would we?!

Okay, it's fine. I found a LOOK on the 2nd page of Chapter One so no surprises ;) Also be warned I only wrote this last week, and it's un-edited, un-proof read and was written all in a rush and is liable to change!

Everybody wanted a piece of me, but Luke and Daniel were the only people I felt I could trust and now Daniel was gone.
‘Hey you, don’t you want to wear something a bit more…’ Luke said, as I made it downstairs.
‘A bit more what, Luke?’ I said.
‘Erm… no it’s fine, you just… Well you look a bit…’
‘Tough? A bit Matrix meets Underworld. It’s not you Jess and we want the council to be lenient,’ Luke said, not quite meeting my eyes.
‘Yeah well, I want them to know that I can handle myself, that I kicked that vampire, rapist’s butt and set him ablaze… Well that was before your mate came in and decapitated him,’ I said, feeling the involuntary pull of my lips as they curled upwards. He looked up, met my gaze and grinned back.
‘Fine, come on then, but I’m calling you Selene, the vampire warrior from now on,’ he said, walking past me, intentionally bumping into me and knocking me sideways.

So, there you have it! Hope this has given you a taste for more :) Now I have to tag five authors:

Dianna Hardy
Patricia Lynne
Penelope Fletcher
My favourite Vampire Series Author Richelle Mead
and my soon to be published Romance Author friend Aurelia B. Rowl