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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Problem With Names...

When I first started writing Witchblood one of the things I found most enjoyable was naming my characters. When thinking of names for my unborn babies it was rather more difficult because my husband had to agree with my choices! However naming characters is much more fun. I usually take into account their date of birth, then do some research on popular names around that time, then I take into consideration their personality and supernatural type.

It is only now I'm writing the third book I'm having problems. Firstly I've already used up a lot of favourite names, secondly names of friends or family often spring to mind and then think eek I can't use that because they'll get offended (especially as I have a fair amount of seriously evil characters in my books!)

The main problem I have just encountered is totally my own fault and comes from my start writing and see how things pan out style! I know authors are told to meticulously plan their entire book series but it doesn't work for me. I started out doing that in Witchblood, but then the characters got a mind of their own and started veering away from my plot, so in the end I gave up, let them do their thing and ended up with something better.

Currently I have plot lines for WitchLove up to Chapter ten and I still don't know how it's going to end... well I have an idea but... Anyway, a new character has just popped up and become a main character - Jess's aunt. Now for some reason in WitchCraft I mentioned Jess having an American aunt and without much thought, I called her Sally... and then I forgot about her! Move on five months and here I am writing WitchLove with a great new auntie character I've called Aunt Cora (yes I'm big into Downton Abbey currently!) and then six chapters in I suddenly find out I already named her Sally in the last book! Damnation! Now in my head she's Cora, but due to a couple of thousand people out there having a book that tells them Jess's aunt in Sally, I'm going to have to revert to Sally... and it's too twee. Why oh Why did I not plan?!


  1. I haven't had that problem yet with names... Well, if you don't count the one WIP where I accidentally changed a minor character's name halfway through. At least I caught it!

  2. I read many books and I have to read the names over and over. I kind of have to get use to them. The reason? It is because there are many books that have the same names and I tend to get confused. I tend to think of the other books while reading the current novel. I do try to stay away from sci-fi/romantic/fantasy books now due to the fact that many of them are similar in names. I do appreciate it when an author uses a name that is not as common. It can also be used as a back story kind of like how or why the character got their name (maybe somewhere along the lines of lineage). I really do enjoy your books. I have read them multiple times and I hope you finish the third installment soon!

    -Marlene (An avid reader)