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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Voices in my Head

Today two things happened, one good, one not so good. It's not bad exactly...just infuriating. But these things happen to teach us the error of ways and today I have learnt that no matter where I am or what I am doing I should ALWAYS carry a notepad and pen.

So I was driving home from the garden centre this afternoon, mulling over my plot lines for WitchLove and listening to Birdy on my cd player and track 10 came on, 'Without a Word'.
This song could be written about Jess, her feelings, her pain and what she's about to go through in Chapter two, WitchLove. It's perfect, if only I could use it for my trailer huh?!
Anyway, the song got me thinking and before I knew it the voices in my head were chattering away... yes I have voices in my head. I'm not sure yet if that makes me a writer or a lunatic, or maybe both, but as soon as I get any quiet time... well let's just say, I'm never on my own. I'm always joined by the full cast and characters from my WIP. Generally it helps, not so much when it's 1am but who I am to argue, I pop the light back on and write it down dutifully in my notebook. But guess who didn't take her notebook to the garden centre?
Yes, I was only 10 mins from home, I told myself I'd remember, but when I got home I did some gardening, then I picked the kids up from school. It was only when I was relaxing in the bath that I remembered my grand idea... except I couldn't remember what the damn thing was! I still can't remember and I spent the full 30mins racking my empty head and trying my best to remember.
So the moral of my tale is, Always carry a notebook, or more important, just a pen...you can write on my skin if necessary!


  1. Oh no!

    I have a back-up plan for you though if you ever get caught out again; 1) use the voice recorder on your phone as a dictaphone, or if that's not possible; 2) phone home and leave yourself a message on the answerphone.

    Hope it comes back to you soon...

    1. LOL what a great idea! I almost always have my phone... I could even go into character and do Jess's voice, then Daniel's etc...hahaha

    2. Ooooh, spoiler alert???

      I very rarely go out without my phone so either go into ColorNote or voice recorder if there's something I really need to remember o_O