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Friday, 5 October 2012

Halloween Post 2: Ghost Stories

Well, I've been thinking of some ideas for my blog for the next couple of weeks and I thought it would be fun if I researched some local ghost stories. After all, who doesn't like a good old ghost story?! But firstly, seeing as I only had two comments on Monday's post & it's the first halloween post, I'd send bookmarks to both, so congrats Heavyn & Kaylee and thanks for commenting. If you like my facebook page and send me a Direct Message with your address in, I will get them posted out to you.
So for today's post here is the story of  The Ghost Hound of Godley Green, which I found in The History of Hyde. It mentions an old farmhouse in Godley which was haunted by the ghost of a woman who was the last survivor of a family which had occupied it. (I'm doing this story soon!) The book then says:

'A few hundred yards away from the haunted farm of Godley Green, there once stood another old and picturesque farm which was pulled down towards the end of the nineteenth century. There is a curious legend told of this old building. The legend says that some people were murdered in the house; and that ever since an evil spirit in the shape of a great yellow hound has haunted the neighbourhood. Many people claim to have seen the spectre hound. Old occupants of the adjoining farms have assured the writer that they have been awakened from their sleep in the dead of night by noises in the fields, and on looking through the windows have seen the terrified cattle dashing wildly across the fields, chased by the horrible form of the great ghost-hound.

One well-known tradesman of Hyde, thus relates his experience:
"I was walking down the lane when suddenly I saw the thing beside me. I was not more than a yard from the hedge, and the ghost was between me and the hedge, I struck at it, but my hand went clean through it, and my knuckles were scratched by the hedge. My blood ran cold, and I was terribly frightened. It ran in front of me, and then came back; it did not turn round to do this, but strange to say its head was in front when it returned. As soon as it vanished I took to my heels as fast as I could run and it was a long time before I ventured in that lane again."'
Again, if you would like a Witchlood bookmark, leave a comment below. Do you know any good local ghost stories?

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  1. My Grandmother told me once that she got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. She said there was a woman with no head standing in the doorway. When she got to the door the lady stepped to the side and let her go in. Then when she came out she stepped to the side again to let her out.