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Friday, 23 November 2012

Bella's Wish

So what with all my recent Twilight obsessing I have been watching loads of Twilight related YouTube videos and I came across one which was asking Kristen Stewart about her role as Bella. Asking how she related to Bella. Kristen said pretty much what I thought, that 'every girl projects their own personalities onto Bella.' She said 'there was no distinct character she was playing, she was just this girl in this extravagant situation.' I think that is one of the reasons Twilight became so popular, because Bella might be moody, she might be quiet, but she is after all just a normal teenage girl that needs her dad when things go wrong.
I think this is the reason I loved Twilight so much... and I think that is one of the things that got me thinking about creating my own story. I wrote Witchblood after loving Twilight. It wasn't that I thought I could do it as well, and I didn't want to copy it. No, but I what I wanted was to be that girl and know what it was like to be the vampire after she'd been turned. It was Breaking Dawn, that intrigued me the most and left me wanting more.

As soon as Bella found out about Edward and fell in love with him she wanted to be turned and it took her three books to convince him. And why wouldn't she? Vampires are sexy, strong and stay young forever. What I wondered was how many other readers wondered what would have happened if Bella had been turned at the end of the first book. So I went one better I turn Jess in the very first chapter!
Basically I was satisfying my own desires. I wrote Witchblood in first person and whilst Jess is different to me in many ways, in some ways she is similar. So the reader gets to be a vampire (and a witch) through Jess. What surprised me was that it turned out it wasn't all a bed of roses, being turned into a vampire doesn't necessarily solve your problems... in fact in Jess's case it definitely makes more!

So has my Twilight obsession been satisfied with writing my Witchblood trilogy? NO, has it heck! It turns out that a project I started as a kind of fan fiction... have a stab at writing has turned into a full blown career choice. Witchblood has ended up being totally different to Twilight and taken me on a completely different ride... but I still love Twilight! In fact I love Twilight so much that I've recently started to learn the piano... just so I can learn to play the beautiful music from the soundtracks!

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