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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Celebrations... and More Writing!

Well guess what, we are approaching my blog's first ever anniversary on the 29th... Apparently this is called a blogoversary and should be celebrated with the respect it demands! So I'm having a think and came up with the idea of a sneak peak and maybe I'll have some prizes too.

So if you're a Witchblood fan and are patiently waiting for the release of WitchLove in February, make sure you log on and find me on the 29th and I'll post an excerpt for you.

WitchLove itself is going really well at the moment. After a really slow October I have to say joining NaNoWriMo was the best decision ever. My word count is now past the 50,000 point and into the final five chapters. Things are hotting up, Jess has decisions to make, battles to fight and friends to save :)

As you know whilst I'm writing the blogging is taking a back seat, but make sure you keep an eye out and come back for the party on the 29th!! Any excuse for a cake!

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