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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Let the Editing Begin!

So the book is written and my proof reader has completed the first round of edits. I'm now going to thoroughly read through a chapter a day, editing as I go along and then it goes out to my Beta Readers!
Ann Billing & Laurie Barlow from the UK
Kim Deister & Nancy Allen from the US

And as I need extra readers this time to help check my American stuff I have run all the names left on last weeks blog post AND my facebook page and put them through Randompicker to choose one name from FB and one name from the blog:
Kelli Goodman
Kiearienna Quam
You are my new Beta readers!

I should be done with my 1st round of edits before Christmas and will email the book over to you guys. I can only send in Word format or kindle format and I will need it back by Fri 11th January with notes, comments, correction and any suggestions. Feel free to tell me if I am way out with my American characters or language. After all I am a Brit and I'm getting my American info from one visit to the States, TV programmes, Movies, Google and lots of books :)

Kelli & Kiearianna I will need your email addresses. Email me at emmamills (at) btinternet.com

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