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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Who Makes Wishes on New Years Eve?

I do!
I really can't be doing with fireworks at midnight... well I don't so much mind them at Midnight it's when people start sending them up anytime from 11pm and then they carry on till 1am and wake up my kiddies! No, for me lanterns win every time over fireworks. I first fell in love with lanterns whilst travelling in Thailand, seeing backpackers setting them off from the beach at night, watching them go higher and higher, get smaller and smaller... magical! In fact I think this is one of my favourite Disney scenes ever. I can watch it over and over again!

So last year at midnight my husband and I went outside our house (which is great for watching lanterns because we overlook fields with the Peak District hills in the background) and set off our own lantern. I wished for my first novel to be successful. In that I wasn't hoping for a 100k publishing contract (I was a single week away from uploading Witchblood to Kindle). I was just praying that someone would like it; that I'd get a higher percentage of 4 & 5 star reviews than 1 & 2 star ones! Putting my first book out there for anyone to pick over is completely the most terrifying thing I've ever done! Anyway the magic worked for me and here I am one year later with two books out there, both of which have an average 4.5star rating.

My husband wished for a new job as his company was making redundancies and guess what... That came true too! It all seemed too good to be true, but this year we have to make some additional lantern wishes. As my mum suggested I better wish for family health this year, after a tough few months recovering from meningitis in the summer... I don't fancy that one again! My mum has also had health problems this year and to finish the year off with a bang my little boy, my husband and myself have all spent the last few days running to and from the loo with this damned tummy bug! So yes mum, health is definitely on this years list!

As for my husband he is wishing for a job again... This time he's going to be a bit more specific and wish for a job he actually likes! Turns out his new job is the job from hell with a hellish 3 motorway commute every day. So I'll be stood there at midnight tomorrow with my husband watching our lantern float off across the hills and disappear into the inky night... Or get stuck in a tree! What about you?

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  1. The video was beautiful. I have never heard of the lanterns but it sounds so romantic.

    We do the fireworks thingy and at midnight with other family members visiting.

    That bug thingy has been making its way around here too.

    Hope you and your family stay healthy this year and all your wishes come true.