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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Witchblood PR Day

So the last three months have been pretty magical watching Witchblood and Witchcraft race up through the Amazon charts. Considering there are over 3million kindle books out there and I have no publishing house or PR team behind me I thought I was doing okay sitting around the 20,000 mark but then I published Witchcraft and I suddenly found myself flying past the 10k mark, and they just kept going up. October was a fantastic month that saw Witchblood hitting no 978 in the US Kindle charts and I was in the Top 100 Fiction/Supernatural Genre & Horror genre for two months.

Then half way through last month it began dipping and now I'm hovering back around the 5k mark which is pretty good, but as the rather wonderful James sings:
If I hadn't seen such riches, I could live with being poor!
So basically what I'm thinking is that I don't want it to fall further down just before my new release next year as I would get a lot more exposure if I could be higher up the charts when WitchLove is published. So I don't ask often and I promise I won't hassle you again until at least the WitchLove launch, but maybe just maybe would you care to join me for a Witchblood PR day tomorrow so we can blast the social networks en masse? I'll be around to retweet any tweets - if you want to link up find me @EmmaMwriter and #Witchblood. I've also posted all the links on the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Witchbloodthenovel?ref=hl

If you have a book blog and you would like to feature me please contact me and I'll happily send you copies to review or write guest posts with giveaways.

And if you want to listen to the awesome track that inspired this post I've added it here - Such a cool song!

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