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Monday, 28 January 2013

Executive Decision

Yes, I have made one... and it wasn't easy, but I've decided not to create a book trailer for WitchLove. Basically I know from experience that it will take up a minimum of three full days to do: 1 day to make the thing, but the rest of the time will be spent looking for suitable images and music. As my other book trailers only have 100 or so hits on you tube I really don't think they are a marketing tool that is worth the time; unless you are already well known on YouTube and have subscribers... which I don't!

I also get quite frustrated because in my head I can perfectly imagine a proper 'movie style' trailer. I know exactly which bits of the book I would want to shoot and which emotions I'd want to capture, but with my very limited resources and funds this just isn't possible, and so I end up with a slide show of images and some unknown music which is always disappointing.

What I really need is for one of the pro-movie makers on YouTube to do me a trailer. The ones that do their own versions of book/movies. The one that springs to mind is MainstayPro who have done a whole Hunger Games series. Some are quite violent, but this one is totally cute about Annie & Finnicks back story just after Annie has come back from the HG. Love it! I suggest you watch all the episodes :)

So can anyone make me one of these?!


  1. Emma- My 13 yr old daughter wants to read your series and I just want to make sure there are explicit sex scenes or actual "intercourse" scenes before she purchases it. As a YA author myself, and a mom, I've been reading some border line stuff out there and just want to make sure. Thanks and I hope you don't mind me asking. Your feedback is appreciated!

    1. See below... But also this is a vampire book so there are also biting/kissing scenes.

  2. Hi,
    There is no intercourse. They do have one scene in bed ( it's nighttime & she started having a nightmare so he came to comfort her) they kiss & have a grope but get interupted by the phone ringing lol. Afterwards she tells him she's not ready. There is also an attempted rape scene at the end but again goes no further than a grope... But might be a bit scary. My daughter is 8 & I'd let her read def at 14... Maybe at 13 depending on how much I thought she knew. Why don't you read it first... Hope that helps.