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Monday, 25 February 2013

When Everything Gets Too Much!

Yes, it's been one of these weeks, coupled with the school half term so on top of trying to help out with the WitchLove Blog Tour I've had a million other things to sort out. Firstly I have been trying to arrange the little (but terribly important) things for our big holiday to Disney World in May. So I've done the travel insurance and car hire, the hotel and flights are sorted, but I needed to apply for the ESTA... which I've been told is a simple 5 minute filling out of passport info to get the US Visa thing necessary to get into the US... so I did ours on Friday morning and it said 'Pending'! After checking with my travel consultant she said she usually gets hers back within 5 minutes... well it is now MONDAY morning and when I enter the Group id they gave me it now says 'Group Does Not Exist'! This does not put me in a happy place!

On top of this we are attempting to move house... yes one of the Top 3 most stressful things to do in your life. Only Death and Divorce apparently top it and I'm left wondering how often a house move actually leads to the aforementioned death or divorce?! So we have to sell out house in a virtually comatose market in order to buy the house of our dreams... or rather the-house-half-way-to-our-dreams-that-we-can-afford! From experience I think the ranking should be reshuffled. It is probably rank 3 if you are selling your house WITHOUT children but I think it should be joint 2nd if you have children under 10! As soon as I tidy one room another is totally and utterly trashed. Toys breed in dark corners under laundry piles as the kitchen floor is spattered with fresh glue and glitter!

Unfortunately there is more! So on top of the whole blog tour / house move / kids off school thing, my washing machine has died... or rather is in the process of a long drawn out and rather noisy death as the cement block has become loose and makes a god-awful thumping noise every time the damn thing spins! It has been fixed once and lasted all of two cycles and now the plastic casing is splitting. I think I better find a new one! Also the dryer no longer seems to have any heat come though it and my car is falling apart! Today it's in the garage having a new wiper system installed. It didn't need a wiper motor, but it's getting one because they don't sell the small CHEAP bit without you buying the whole unnecessary part GRrrrrrrrr!

So yeah... my weeks not getting off to the best start... How about yours? If you are looking for
another Witchblood fix have you seen my two recent tour stops? There was an interview with Jess and a WitchLove Soundtrack!
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