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Friday, 22 March 2013

'Genevieve' - A WitchBlood Story

So as you guys know I am in the middle of a big house & area move so I just haven't got the time or emotional wherewithal to start writing 'WitchHunt' yet (but I do hope to have it out before Christmas!) Instead I thought I would write a novella / novelette telling the back story of Eva and Sebastian. I am aiming for £10-12k words and hope to have it written before I move house in May.

I don't know if you remember from Eva's chat with Jess in WitchBlood, but Eva was turned during the French Revolution which makes it a little bit horrifying. Also worth mentioning is that Eva doesn't have any 'extra' witchy powers, she doesn't have Jess's independance and these are both adults ;) So I'm thinking with the full-on vampy behaviour in this story it is going to be more a 'New Adult' fit... probably 16+ readerwise! Although this excerpt only contains some revolution atrocities... nothing else.

Here are some covers I have been working on. Personally I like the 2nd one, becuase I think she has the 'Eva' glint in her eyes and I think it fits well with the the rest of the series; but what do you think?

I have added the excerpt to my 'Excerpts Page' HERE.

Also to get you in the mood, here is an amazing song by Evanescence called 'Bring Me To Life,' which I am listening to right now as I am writing the scene where Eva decides she wants Sebastian to change her. Enjoy and please let me know what you think of the excerpt.


  1. Hi there Emma! I absolutely love your series and I can't wait for Witch Hunt. I personally like the 2nd one too! Thank you for you amazing story telling and awesome imagination!


    1. Thank you! I love getting comments and replies and this is a lovely one!x