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Monday, 11 March 2013

Getting in the Zone...

Monday morning and I sit down at my desk, my head is in pieces, my brain is mashed and writing is the last thing coming to mind, so I thought the title apt! Why you ask? Yes it's about the third most stressful thing you can do in your life (after death & divorce)... moving house!

So last week we accepted an offer on our house, which happened somewhat sooner than expected and I am totally thrilled about, but it meant Saturday was taken up with house viewings in Cheshire. My husband has said all along (when I've been stressing out about finding a 'perfect house') that we will know when we see it. He also said that it could be the house I wasn't expecting it to be... I don't like to say this too often in case it goes to his head... but he was SO right! As soon as we walked into this house we both 'felt' it. It also happened to be the one house out of the four that was my least favourite on paper! So I find myself sitting here in my freezing cold conservatory waiting, typing in a somewhat frenzied fashion whilst I wait for a phone call from my husband who is doing the negotiating today. He has just phoned to say he has made the initial offer... and now we wait some more!

I'd just like to say for the record that
1. I' not good at waiting &
2. I'm a control freak... So this kind of scenario is not in my comfort zone!

Coming back to the title... somehow I need to put all this out of my head and do something. The choice is between cleaning the house and writing. Hmm now normally writing would come first every time but today Im just not sure I can get in the zone. Apart from anything I haven't started WitchHunt yet and starting is the bit I find hardest, so srating now, whilst I've got so much going on in my already spaced out cranium might not be the best plan!

I do however have another project I'm considering. I have a friend in the vilage who is also a writer, Aurelia B. Rowl who recently suggested putting togather an anthology of short stories and asked if I would contribute something. I was thinking about doing a short spin-off about Eva and Sebastian in the French Revoloution era...what do you think? I've never written a short story before but it could be a useful way of getting my head back in the game. Would you like to read about Eva and Sebastian?

Also just a reminder that I have a six week blog tour running currently, hosted by Abby at
Bookshelf Confessions and if you are interested in my covers you can read about my cover decisions on Friday's guest post over at FromThe BootheelCottonPatch . You can see the rest of the tour and loads of new reviews by clicking the links on the Tour Page link at the top of the blog page or the poster.

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