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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Short Stories, Novelettes & Novellas

I've never written a short story before... well apart from the ones I did at university and college, but since I began writing as a career... I can't put 'seriously' because it doesn't quite go with me, my personality or my subject matter! Writing about vampires and witches isn't 'serious' writing is it? It's fun! Anyway when it was recently suggested that I write a short story for a potential anthology I thought it could be a good idea to write about Eva's history, because she's an awesome character and doesn't get enough attention in the WitchBlood Series.

I thought I could probably write about her 'beginning' in about 10 - 12,000 words. Is this more than a short story I wondered? Yet I thought Novellas were longer so I had a little research and apparently what I am writing is a Novelette! For anyone interested here are the guidelines:

n Short story - 7,500 words or less

n Novelette - 7,501-17,500 words

n Novella - 17,501-40,000 words

n Novel - 40,001 or more words
Now personally I wouldn't be happy if I bought a novel and it was only 40,000 words. That must be only about 100 pages long! I'd say 60,000+ is a novel... but that's just my opinion!

So here I am writing my first Novelette. The title currently is 'Genevieve, A WitchBlood Story'. I like to keep things simple LOL and I'm hoping to have it done before I move house and go on holiday in May! The only sticking point is that I'm stretching myself by doing something new and writing in 3rd person! As you all know my Witchblood Series books are written in 1st person which personally I find much easier to write in, as I'm directly in the character's head... but for this story I thought 3rd person would work better.

I'm considering posting the first section on here... Would you like to read it?