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Monday, 15 April 2013

All Fired Up And Nowhere To Go!

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy and I'll be honest, I've really struggled. It is hard enough making the decision to move your kids out of the area and away from their friends... You just want everything to go as smoothly as possible for them. And it looked like it was, we sold our house in the the first two weeks, found a dream house in a perfect village, with a lovely school. We had a moving date of May 3rd and I was starting to panic about everything that needed to be organised... And then with one phone call after Easter weekend everything changed. The first time buyers at the start of the chain have pulled out, which means our buyers are no longer in a position to buy, consequently we can't buy either!

After a week of feeling sick and not sleeping I've had enough. It's time for an attitude change. The kiddies are back in school after the holidays and I've had a long soak in the bath and decided to let it all go. My new mantra is:
What I can't control I will do my damnedest to forget about!
So the house is back on the market, and I'm concentrating on my writing. Have you noticed my word count bar? I've just written a wicked, murderous scene that takes my word count up over 8000 now. I hope to be finished in two weeks, then do edits and have it published before we go on holiday on May 17th.
As I'll be on holiday I'll need some promo help, so if you want me to release before my holidays, leave a comment below if you have a blog or FB page and can help me out with a review or just a cover/blurb post.
Here is an unedited teaser from the section I have just written:
Instinct told her to leap from the bed and in one lithe movement she was at the window dragging the material away from their frames, eager to find the source of the beating noise that was drawing her in.
‘Eva no!’ Sebastian’s voice carried across the room and simultaneously pulled at something deep inside. She took a glance out at the dying day on the street below, her eyes squinting in the dim light before pulling her gaze back to the man by the bed.  She knew where the noise came from now and her mouth watered pleasantly at the thought, but even as every emotion in her body willed her to smash the window, leap out and sink her teeth into those warm, pulsating creatures that wandered past oblivious, she could not. An iron leash held her tight and pulled her back to the man by the bed.

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  1. Emma,

    I am sorry you are having house problems. Hope you sell it real soon. I hope all of you have a safe and happy trip.

    I will help promote your book in anyway I can or you need. I was thinking if it was released before you go on vacation then we would have the buy links to add to our post. If it ends up being a problem to release before then we can always add the links later.

    I was thinking I could do like a cover reveal one day and a review on a separate date. If this is ok with you. Let me know what you think k? If you can find time (with you going on vacation and trying to sell your house) to email me when you know the release date so we can maybe get together on dates for posting.

    Thank you,
    Nancy @ The Avid Reader