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Monday, 13 May 2013

Life, Time and Action!

Strange title? Yeah I guess but it sums up my month!

Life... because my life is crazy right now. I know you are fed up of hearing about my house move saga, but that is pretty much responsible for taking over my life right now, and since the chain fell apart all we've been trying to do is get a sale before we go to Florida on Friday! We had a second viewing over the weekend and currently all I am doing is watching my phone and crossing my toes... I can't cross my fingers as I need them for typing LOL!

Time... because I am running out of it! I simply do not have enough hours in the day to look after the kids, keep the house super, super house viewing, perfectly tidy, write, edit and promote my books and get everything ready for our two week trip to Disney. I just want to hibernate, but instead I am publishing 'Genevieve' tomorrow and have a list which fills an A4 pad of things that need to be done by Thursday! I just hope that 'Genevieve' hasn't fallen prey to my fractured brain and that everybody likes it.

Action... well it's time for action isn't it lol? So far today I've not done so badly. I've done a final read through and edit, then uploaded 'Geneieve' to Smashwords and checked the formatting for kindle and epub copies. I have emailed my small army of lovely bloggers who I am hoping will help me promote a little, while I'm away. In fact any help will be appreciated so if you blog or tweet or FB and want to copy my links, read my books and comment... that would be great. Just because I've not been online much doesn't mean I don't care... I do. I care a lot, but at the moment my kids and my family have to come first. I need to get us moved and settled and then I can concentrate on my books!

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