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Monday, 24 June 2013

I'm back!

So it's been over a month with no posts... eek! Sorry! My excuse is part holiday, part stress lol! First came the holiday which was amazing. We had a lovely (but rather tiring) family holiday in Florida. We met Rapunzel, Mickey Mouse and all the rest of the Disney stars. Gaston from Beauty & The Beast was hilarious.

We were blown away by the amazing west end quality shows, and loved seeing the dolphins at Sea World. Two of the highlights of the holiday for me had to be Harry Potter World at Universal Studios where I totally geeked out. I even drank a Butterbeer...

and Clearwater Aquarium where we saw Winter the dolphin, who I am totally in love with!

Then we came home and the holiday bubble was well and truly popped with the sudden news that our house sale has fallen through again, 4 weeks before we were due to relocate down to Somerset & 1 week before my husband started his new job!

Consequently everything went on hold whilst we tried to sort it out. Unfortunately nothing is sorted out; my husband is now working 300 miles away and coming home for weekends and I have a house to sell once again! Wish me Luck! So if anyone wants to buy a 3/4 bed modern detached house in a small town called Glossop, in the High Peak, overlooking the most immense hills and a reservoir, with ponies in the field opposite and good country schools, find me on Rightmove or leave me a message!

In the meantime I am going to try and clear my head and start writing WitchHunt. I started last night and have managed a little today. My current word count is 2000 words and I've just finished the Prologue! I'll update the word count gadget on the homepage so you can keep an eye on me! Wish me luck!

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