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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Jess's Diary

November 6th
So here I am, I thought it might be interesting to keep a diary after the last years events... My name is Jessie James, like the cowboy. My dad just loved cowboy movies, that's how I got my name! A year ago I was a fairly normal 17 year old human girl, totally oblivious to the frankly bizarre events that lay ahead of me.

So now, a year older... OK so officially I might have stopped ageing, but I'm keeping note and no-one I know of would dare try to tell me I'm still seventeen, especially with the arsenal of supernatural weaponry I now have available... Anyway I digress... Here I am! I'm through the worst of it. So OK my parents are both dead, but then so am I... kind of.

My best friend Alex, is also dead, properly dead and buried, like my parents; but I still have everyone else. I have my friends Brittany, Luke who I thought was a boy but turns out is actually a human born angel, and even Eva. I was so pissed at Eva, but at the same time soooo relieved. And after last month's zombie butt-kicking war of the most extreme I have forgiven Daniel. My gorgeous, super hot vampire boyfriend... yeah, after all you can't hold grudges forever can you, and I think we're made for each other... blugh I know! But still, he did make me. He chose me, saved me, turned me.

And on top of my sometimes overly protective vampire clan back in Manchester, I have my new found American family. My Aunt Sarah, her daughters, Noah her son and their super witchy coven. So I might be an odd half-breed, half vampire, half witch but things are finally looking up! I love this sticker, I found it in Salem last week... now I just need a vampire one!

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