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Monday, 29 July 2013

Paperbacks R US

So here I am again, moaning about my house sale... trust me, just don't do it! So today we are in the middle of negotiating on a really low offer which we don't want to take and consequently I cannot for the life of me concentrate on WitchHunt and get writing!

Instead I decided to do something useful with my time so I don't feel so impotent! I might not have done any writing, but I have managed to get one big job done. I have FINALLY reformatted & uploaded WitchLove to Createspace to begin the process of creating the paperbacks! It has more pages than the last two, I'm not sure why because I don't think the font is bigger, but consequently the costs are stupidly high. So as always it's still much, much cheaper to buy the ebooks, and I get a little more profit on them too! It seems ridiculous when I have to price my book at £7.99 that I am actually making less than £1 on each book! So I'm not being greedy honest :)

Here is the cover:

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