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Monday, 22 July 2013

WitchHunt Teaser...

So as I've just had a ton of fun writing chapter six, I thought I'd give you a little snippet... A taste of things to come! But I'm not going to tell you who Jess is fighting... for that you'll have to wait!

The force of the collision sent us both flying backwards across the lawn, me still gripping the end of my makeshift stake as she came down hard on top of me. She desperately tried to lever herself away from me and the three foot branch, but it was no good. She stared down at the wood in her chest, her mouth agape, but when her eyes did not dull, and her fangs did not retract I realised I'd missed her heart.

‘Missed,’ she hissed at me, spitting out blood and smiling as she finally managed to pull herself upright staggering back slightly, the branch which I’d released still embedded in her abdomen, which was already healing as she tugged it out.

Buffy: The best stake wielding vampire slayer!

Hope that whetted your appetite? I better go start write chapter seven!

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