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Sunday, 8 September 2013

How Time Flies When You're Having Fun... or stressed out!

Wow! I can't believe it's been over a month since I last blogged! I'm really bad at this aren't I? In my defence it has been school summer holidays, my husband is working away and we are selling our house! Well the last sale fell through, but now we've thankfully sold yet again, to a lovely young couple who seem to love the house; so I am really happy about that! We have pencilled in a move date of 25th Oct, so I expect to have no internet for a few weeks once we move!

On top of that I am desperately trying to write WitchHunt and get it done for November. Now the kids are back at school I should be able to do a good 10k a week so I'm making progress.

I have also finished the book cover for WitchHunt so expect a cover reveal mini tour on the weekend on Sept 28th.

Also if you haven't yet liked my Facebook page get on over there and like it because I'm only 10 more likes away from the magic 1000 number and when we reach 1000 I have a loads of goodies to giveaway!

So here are my current dates for your diary:

Sept 27th  - Cover Reveal
Oct 20th - Meet me at the Isle Of Wight Festival
Nov 4th - WitchHunt should be available to buy!

Now I'm sorry this isn't longer and more interesting but I really have to write!

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