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Monday, 4 November 2013

Let the WitchHunt Tour begin!

So the day is here, the day quite a lot of you have been asking about for the last three months lol! Today is quite emotional for me because it is the day I publish WitchHunt and that means the end of the WitchBlood series! I started writing WitchBlood three years ago, in 2010, but it took me a year to write as I still had my youngest child at home with me. It then took me another year to go through the wringer of publishing options and decide to self publish to Kindle. What a decision! It has honestly changed my life!

When I started out and uploaded WitchBlood to Kindle I remember being terrified - it is like putting your neck in a guillotine and waiting for the blade to drop... except amazingly it never did! Instead I got a trickle of 4 and 5 star reviews. First it was family... then friends... then I found some book bloggers who read it... and loved it! Twice now WitchBlood has been in the Top 10 Kindle genre charts and the others not far behind! By the summer of 2012 I was getting requests for a sequel and the story began to spiral in my head. My insomnia got worse and two more books began to take shape. Witchblood was to be a trilogy!

Except as I reached 70,000 words into WitchLove I suddenly realised I had a whole host of plots that needed resolving. Either I was going to write a Breaking Dawn-esque saga or I needed another book. I went for a fourth book and WitchHunt was born! Over the last year more than 20,000 of you have downloaded my books and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

You may ask will I write more and maybe in time I will. I may write some more short stories, like 'Genevieve', the story of Eva; but for now I want to settle into my new home in Somerset and think about writing something new! And I do have some really interesting ideas for two new series! For now though, enjoy the WitchHunt blog tour. Click the link on the right to go to the tour page. There are loads of reviews, interviews and guest posts written by me... Oh and remember if you download my books, love them and want to help me out; there's nothing better than waking up to read a new review on Amazon or Goodreads!