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Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 Year in Review

Wow! What a year! In the space of just 12 months I have published two novels and a short story; sold my house four times and finally moved with my family, 250 miles south to Somerset! In February 2013 we put our house up for Sale and I published book three in the WitchBlood Series, 'WitchLove'. In March I had my best sales rankings ever and sold 5000 books in one month! In April my husband got an amazing new job in Somerset and as the house was already for sale we decided to make the move a little more terrifying and explore a new county! That was where things became a little stressful!

In the months that followed we had three house sales fall apart further down the chain, my husband had to start his job in Somerset, leaving the children and I behind every week and I had the final WitchBlood book to write! At the same time as all this craziness I was invited to attend and run a workshop at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival in October. Even though I had never done anything like this before I accepted thinking we would at least be moved by then and nearer to the IOW! Little did I know just how many times things would go wrong! In the end we finally exchanged on our house two days before I was due to speak at the festival on the 19th October! The weekend was a whirlwind and my husband drove me there and back in three days and three days after that I was packing our belongings and waving goodbye to all our friends. My daughter, and our cat travelled in my car, whilst our son travelled with my husband & the dog in his car!

We arrived here on the 25th October, I somehow managed to publish 'WitchHunt' the final book in the series on November the 6th; and even with the mountainous task of DIY, decorating and cleaning involved I can honestly say I haven't looked back! I love the tiny Somerset village. I love hearing the sheep and the chickens in the morning and I love how everyone is so friendly and welcoming. What I don't love, is the mud! I am not a particularly 'car-proud' girl and tend to wash my car about once a year... but here I washed my car 3 times in as many weeks... and then I gave up! Buying a new white car last summer was my worst mistake. I really should have bought black... or even that new metallic coffee coloured brown. Now that would be perfect!

So it's been chaotic to say the least, but the children love their new school and Christmas was a good one. Hopefully 2014 will be a little quieter. A little calmer! So Happy New Year from Somerset!

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