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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

New Book... New Plan!

So Easter is over, the children are back at school and my laptop is switched on. From the messages I get either via Facebook or Amazon reviews I am aware that there are some amazing people out there who want to read something new, written by me of all people! I am also aware that my new project, which is totally different, and rather exciting (for me anyway) may well take anywhere up to another nine months for me to write! So I have come up with a plan.

Actually I just found my half written Witchblood tie-in novel 'Flying with Fire'. I actually forgot that I had been writing this last year! I've spent the morning re-reading and editing and actually I'm quietly confident. If you are a WB fan then this will quite possibly hit the spot. The word count is already at a nice rounded 25,000 and you'll get to see what happened to Brittany at her boarding school. With only another 50-60k words to write I will aim to have the first draft done by the Whit school holidays and the book published before the summer holidays.

What do you think? Do you still read YA paranormal?

If you want to keep track of my writing I have updated the word count meter on the right!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Voting is closed!

So it looks like we have a winning name! Thanks for all your input. 'Sam' he is!

What is his name?
Adam 30% 
Sam 45% 
Jack 25%

Now I can get back to my story evolution exercises!

Keep an eye out on the blog though as sometime soon I'm going to have to have rethink about the design. I think its time I have an 'Author page' rather than just Witchblood... For any newbie writers out there, learn from my mistakes and don't create a website address the same as your first books because it makes things somewhat complicated when you want to write something new!

For now though I think I'll have to just change the design and landing page and keep the address. Any smart techies out there and I would love some ideas on how to create an author page without losing all the blog traffic!

Friday, 4 April 2014

New Series : Male Character Name Poll

Right! So I've been doing some more character sketches and plot sketches today for my new series and I have this guy...
Well I don't have Michael Fassbender, but he is the inspiration for one of my main characters. He is the dad to an 8 year old girl called Lucy and the step-dad to my main protagonist 16yr old Liv and her twin brother Will. He is 35 and is loving, protective, loyal and a teeny bit controlling! He is an office designer.

I just couldn't think of a suitable name, probably because I had his real name stuck in my head lol. So I put out a call on my facebook page and got loads of great ideas. Now I'm stuck deciding between my three favourites. Which is your favourite? You Decide!


What is his name?



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Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Mortal Instruments

So for this week's blog I thought I would do a brief review of the Cassandra Clare 'Mortal Instruments' books which I've been reading as I want to discuss 'doomed relationships' in series.

Up until Book Five (the current book I'm reading... or trying to) I have really enjoyed the series. It is something a little bit different from other paranormal YA series. I love the world building as it reminds me of the HP series in which the muggles live alongside and completely oblivious to the wizards. In Cassandra Clare's series the humans are living alongside all the supernatural species under the sun, and yet it is totally believable!

Clary is a great character and unlike a lot of YA protagonists I didn't find her annoying or unrealistic in her reactions. She comes across as fairly average, likeable and funny, but can be strong when she needs to be; which happens more as the series progresses. In Book One : City of Bones Clary finds herself drawn into the world of the Shadowhunters and her life is turned upside down. As seems the norm with this genre Clary soon finds herself in the middle of the obligatory love triangle and when things get tough with Jace, the rather irresistible and arrogant shadowhunter, she begins dating her best friend, Simon, which I found a little strange and unbelievable. Simon is a great character and is there for Clary throughout the series, I just wish the love angle had been left out as in my opinion it adds nothing to the story.

All of the first four books are totally readable and addictive. They are very easy to read and you soon find yourself loosing track of the time and becoming immersed in Cassandra Clare's world. The action scenes, are well written and exciting and the twists and turns have you double guessing plot lines throughout!

However... and this is my main negative point, over the last four books I did guess that the Clary / Jace 'problem' would be resolved and thoroughly enjoyed book four when this was all coming together. The 'happy ending' was well deserved after their struggle throughout the previous four books... So why oh why did the author feel it necessary to split them up again!! Ahhhhh! I have only got part way into Book Five and I honestly can't be bothered reading anymore. To be honest I am now fed up of seeing how many ways Cassandra Clare can keep them apart! Personally I would have much preferred to have these final books with Clary and Jace working together as a team. They could still have had the mighty battles and I'm sure there will be plenty, after all the Faerie Queen is a loose cannon and Valentine & his psychotic son are still on the rampage. So why the need for more Clary / Jace drama?

Hopefully one day I'll return to Book five and finish it, but for now I just can't be bothered.

What do you think? Have you read the series and if so what do you think about Book 5?

Do you like constant relationship drama or think it's too much?