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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Voting is closed!

So it looks like we have a winning name! Thanks for all your input. 'Sam' he is!

What is his name?
Adam 30% 
Sam 45% 
Jack 25%

Now I can get back to my story evolution exercises!

Keep an eye out on the blog though as sometime soon I'm going to have to have rethink about the design. I think its time I have an 'Author page' rather than just Witchblood... For any newbie writers out there, learn from my mistakes and don't create a website address the same as your first books because it makes things somewhat complicated when you want to write something new!

For now though I think I'll have to just change the design and landing page and keep the address. Any smart techies out there and I would love some ideas on how to create an author page without losing all the blog traffic!

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  1. Will 'blogger' let you register a second domain name and have it point to this site?

    That way you can keep this site and all its current links and traffic, yet also have it accessible as another name.

    Over time you can then choose whether or not to keep both the names.