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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Flying With Fire: Progress Report

So I thought I'd update the blog this afternoon as I've done 1800 words of my daily 2k target and I've hit a wall... and secondly the blog needed updating!

It's been weird suddenly thrown back into writing. Initially it felt nice, but after 4 hard days slog my brain feels a little fried! I think a daily target of 1500 is my ideal. It leaves enough time for daydreaming, pulling story threads together and the afternoon free to do the everyday stuff like tidy up after the pets & kids, and buy some food!

I really wanted to get the first draft finished by the Whit holidays, which I hadn't initially realised was in 4 weeks time... now 3. That's a tighter deadline than doing NaNoWriMo! With two children I don't write at the weekends so even doing 2k a day, 5 days a week on top of the 23k I already had; I'm not going to quite finish... but at least I should be in the last chapters! Currently I've almost reached 36,000 so I guess I'm pretty much half way through!

The other thing slightly unnerving me is my writing method. I've always been a 'fly by the seat of my pants' type writer, but I do usually have a basic chapter plan and knowledge of my crisis points and how the characters are going to escape them... or not! This time... errr... not so much! I've got an old chapter plan, which only covers the first half of the book and which I have deviated from several times already! I think I know how I am going to 'save' one character, but I'm totally clueless as to how I'm going to solve another, very big, complication!

Hopefully it will come to me over the weekend!

I have also been searching for some visual inspiration as I love fantasy art and I find it helpful and inspiring. I found this great image on DeviantArt...

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