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Monday, 12 May 2014

Pink Haired Heroines and Headaches

So my writing has had to slow down over the last week. In fact I only managed 1.5 days of writing last week due to my meningitis headaches returning. Meningitis is really a pain in the butt as it has left me with some kind of nerve sensitivity and tinnitus. I get really weird hot flushes streaking up my right leg and then about thirty minutes later the headaches begin... not nice. So last week I had to take it easy. The headaches are still hanging around so I've got some meds that will hopefully get me back in the game. In the meantime I have done a little googling and found myself some character inspiration for the novel.

Here are my girls:
The top girl is my inspiration for my leading character, Brooke. She is a natural blonde but dyes it pink... that is until she is forced to wash it out! I'm sure you all recognise my inspiration for Brittany as she is a favourite from my WitchBlood Series? The girl with the red hair is called Ember; she's a witch with a talent for fire-starting!

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